Who I am   

I am a husband to a woman I don’t deserve, a father of two awesome boys, and a Navy veteran. I am an opinionated conundrum that tries to balance all of my influences into ​a contradiction of existence.   I grew up in Western Kentucky but came of age in a Japanese coastal town.  I am hellfire and brimstone tempered by the rationale of Buddhism. 


What I Do

I'm the guy you call when you need great food, a different perspective, a new idea, an original sauce or rub or honest feedback.  I also specialize in promoting new products and companies as a brand ambassador and consultant.  My experience and travels allow me to see the world from a unique perspective.  I am not afraid to work endless hours until we achieve our goals together.


My Influences

I am as much the sum of my musical influences as anything.  I was never gifted enough to play guitar well, but love it just the same.  My musical influences provide the soundtrack to everything I create.  I am as much Ice Cube as I am Alice in Chains and as much Howlin' Wolf as I am Dwight Yoakum. I seem to love Big Head Todd and the Monsters the most for their ability to balance blues, funk, soul and unapologetic rock.  At the end of the day every dish, every idea comes back to balancing all of these things into harmony and contrast at the same time. 

All content and ideas are the property of Pitmaster Shane D. Food Consultant, Brand Ambassador, Barbecue Dude.,  All Rights Reserved!

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