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Billows...Blowing In

It's no secret that Thermoworks has long been considered the industry defacto when it comes to temperature measuring devices. I've been a fan since I got my first Thermapen about 10yrs ago. The build quality and speed speaks to the core of who Thermoworks as a company is. They may not be the first to the punch with devices, but they continue to release products that are built better than the competition and stand behind them with excellent customer service. Some have pointed out that some of the Thermoworks products are pricey and you can buy devices that accomplish the same task for less money. This might be true, but for those of us who work with these devices as part of livelihood there really isn't a reason to carry anything else with us. We literally trust the outcome of competitions and the food we cook to these products. Those competitions can pay out tens of thousands of dollars. So when the money is on the line, you invest in the best and stick with it.

Thermoworks has just announced the release of their Billows device. As a full disclosure I have not touched one of these or seen one in action. That said I have no doubt that it will be fantastic. If you are familiar with other pit temp management devices you know how much they can level the playing field on kamado and other charcoal / stick burning pits. They really do all the work to keep your pit temp exactly where you want it.

So what stands out to me for the Billows vs the competition? First off the use of a USB-C connector which can connect to various Thermoworks compatible controllers. There is a good chance you already own one and you can just add this fan. The use USB-C is great because now you don’t have to worry about losing a proprietary cord. This is a 46CFM fan that should be strong enough for 99% of the pits out there, but if its not there is an expansion connector kit that allows you to pair two Billows together. The way it is designed it looks like it will connect to the vast majority of smokers without the need for adapters. Last but not least, since it works with Thermoworks controllers the Thermoworks BBQ app can be used to control this via your phone or as a standalone from the controller itself. All of this comes at a $55 price point, which is not bad at all.

For the next 6 days or so Thermorworks is running a contest to give away a Billows. If you are interested, hit this link and enter. Love peace and pork grease folks....until next time.

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