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The invitation.....

Welcome to my new site. Consider this your invitation to my Pitmaster Nation. I know it's been a long time coming. I kind of feel like this is my solo album. I've done so much work with other companies and cooks that I never felt like I really needed a place for just my thoughts. As things continue to move forward and evolve I am realizing that I do in fact need a place for my unfiltered, unedited and painfully honest reviews, thoughts, insights and methods.

As a creator I relate everything I do back to music. I feel like I have written a lot of hit songs for others and played in some amazing bands. I've even led some of those bands and brands. I always do so by finding the voice of the project and kind of conforming the lyrics, harmonies, flavors and content to whatever I am involved in. I've been very blessed to work with some of the best.

But it's time....it's time for me to stand up as a solo artist and do things completely raw and unapologetically me. So what does that mean for you?

Well, for one, new sauces and rubs under the Pitmaster Shane D brand. These will not be like ANYTHING I've done before. They are all pet projects that I love that do not fit in the product lines that I work with as a consultant. These are pull no punches, turn it up to 10, damn the torpedos, F the critics and health nuts recipes that I know you are going to love. You know me though, there can be no products before I have them dialed in and perfect. So be patient...they are coming and I'm STOKED to be doing these without the input and editing of others.

Expect more consistent content, not all of it meant for prime time. Some of this will literally just be my unfiltered thoughts as I want this to be a conversation between you and I. I do warn you though, this isn't about keeping with a party line or being politically correct for a companies sake. This is about being real and provoking thought and conversation. I will share all I know and have learned, but I will never, ever argue with you. If you are here for that, roll on to the next page. I do enough testing of my ideas and concepts to prove they are valuable and work. If you don’t agree with how I do it...great go find another way to do it. I'm not here seeking your consent or permission, I have enough of that in my life as a consultant.

I will write this blog and page much like I speak. I don’t want to spend all my time worried about being overly eloquent. For me there is more value in the conversation than being grammatically correct. So if you are some who corrects peoples sentences while they are speaking or like to only reply to blogs pointing out the misuse of a word, you're likely going to hate it here. With that....welcome...and stand by to stand by, shiz is about to get real.

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